Fighters Core is built for fast, competitive fat cutting. Helping you shred fat, whilst maintaining performance.

Competitive to the Core

A supplement formulated to incinerate unwanted fat but retain muscle.

Fighters Core is a game changing supplement designed to maximise athletic performance whilst aiding the rapid and safe cutting of unwanted fat.

Our formula has been designed to keep your strength and muscle levels up during any period of fat loss.



Built for fast competitive fat cutting with advanced natural ingredients that increase metabolic rate, turn up levels of fat breakdown and help prevent further increases in fat mass.

Bulk & Cut

Preserve muscle for maximal performance with natural anabolic ingredients and allow for more strength with a higher potential for protein synthesis, even during fasted periods.

Look Great

Reveal your abs and unlock new strength with our high energy and high focus additions to the formula.

Works Fast

Feel the effects rapidly with minimal unwanted side effects.
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cGMP Approved

Manufactured to the highest standards in an FDA Registered and cGMP approved facility.

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Competition Tested

Formulated to deliver at the highest level without unwanted side effects. Completely safe for competative use.

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Vitamins, minerals and natural botanicals pack an effective punch. We've picked the best ingredients to deliver the best results.

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Fast and Free Shipping

Minimal waiting before you can get started. Fighters Core is always shipped free. And we don't have recurring charges.

Research backed ingredients. Safe and effective. Zero unwanted side effects. Forget high stim, low result fat burners. Fighters Core works where it counts.

Inside Fighters Core:

We chose research backed ingredients that can impact key processes in fat storage, metabolic rate and hormonal responses. This ensures your body has it's best shot at burning through stored fat, preserving crucial muscle tissue and getting you lean, without any compromise. 


Forskolin Extract

Forskolin Extract helps signal your body to break down body fat by increasing vital cAMP levels. Coupled with its ability to impact key hormonal messengers, Forskolin is a powerful potential muscle building fat burning compound.


Caffeine and Teacrine™

Combining caffeine and teacrine offers clean energy and focus. This pair of natural stimulants will get your metabolic rate fired up, as well as giving your a powerful shot of clean energy and focus. Helping you perform at your best every day.


Calcium HMB

Calcium HMB a compound that can help put the brakes on muscle breakdown whilst training fasted. Allowing you to perform at your best, burn more calories every workout and get lean faster.


Green Tea Extract

Green tea provides a hit of fat fighting catechins, an antioxidant associated with fat breakdown and an improved metabolism. 


Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate directly impacts insulin levels, and can stop fat storage, boost energy levels and help keep your hunger in check.


Capsimax ™

Capsimax charges into the ring and can aid the release of fat fighting hormones - including epinephrine and norepinephrine. Promoting the breakdown of fats before and after training.

Who is Fighters Core for?

Fighters Core can help anyone cut unwanted fat, but we are designed to be used by those who exercise 3+ times per week. Bodybuilders, MMA fighters, physique competitors or just casual gym goers could cut fat and build muscle faster than ever. We're competitive to the core, so you can be too.

Torch Unwanted Fat

Boost metabolic rate with caffeine and specially selected green tea, whilst ensuring your body is in full fat burning mode thanks to Coleus Forskholli. Cayenne further adds to Fighters Core as a natural thermogenic powerhouse and appetite suppressant.

Fighters Core isn't a gimmicky magic pull, but a product focused on helping athletes cut fat.

Maintain and Build Strength

Using a scientifically backed amount of HMB, Fighters Core is designed to help you retain as much muscle as possible during your fat cutting phase. With the right diet and training, Fighters Core could see you building muscle whilst losing fat. A holy grail process for athletes, called body recomposition.

This won't just leave you looking lean and powerful, but also mean it's easier to keep yourself lean long term.

No Compromise on Performance

Alongside it's muscle sparing and thermogenic properties, Fighters Core also contains Teacrine and Caffeine. Combined they can elevate energy levels, improve your focus and get you feeling your best through the day.

Two crucial ingredients that won't just make cutting easier, but will allow you to maintain focus and performance through gym sessions and your entire day.

Creating Fighters Core

We're not the cheapest supplement on the market. Far from it. But, we use adaptive small batch formulations using patented and effective ingredients. If you don't buy into it, we understand. You just better hope your competition doesn't either.
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Proprietary blends

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