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Fat Loss With Pro Results

Advanced, award winning fat burning designed to torch stubborn fat and reach your goals fast.


Redefine Your Physique with
Fighters Core

Imagine what you would feel and look like if you could burn that extra body fat. That stubborn fat that you know you need to lose to be at your best.

Fighters Core has been rigorously designed to allow everyone deliver a knockout punch to body fat [1], whilst preserving [2] and even building muscle mass.

Our Fat Burner works for everyone. And uses a simple equation to get you a cut above the competition:

Lose Fat.


Keep Muscle.

= A lean, strong and sexy YOU

+ USA and UK Research Backed Specialist Ingredients

+ Rigorously Tested

+ cGMP Approved and FDA Registered Facilities

+ Natural and Side Effect Free

Easily boost your metabolic rate increasing daily calorie burn.

Engage your body in full fat-burning mode and target stubborn fat for fuel.

Suppress your appetite to stop snacking.

All helping you reach a leaner, slimmer and stronger self.


Many of the ingredients in Fighters Core are scientifically proven to significantly decrease your body fat percentage. Turning up your levels of fat breakdown and preventing further increases.

Look & Feel Great

Many of the ingredients in Fighters Core are scientifically proven to significantly decrease your body fat percentage. Turning up your levels of fat breakdown and preventing further increases.

Bulk & Cut

Preserve muscle for maximal performance with natural anabolic ingredients and allow for more strength with a higher potential for protein synthesis, even during fasted periods.

Works Fast

Feel the results you’re looking for faster, with minimum unwanted side effects, so you can focus on training.

Results Led
Fat Loss with a Modern Approach

EVERYONE, athlete or not, should value their muscle mass as much as the fat they lose. Fighters Core ensures you retain muscle, carving you a more shapely and strong physique when compared with other fat burners which can just leave you skinny and flat.

The key ingredients found in Fighters Core have undergone numerous studies by universities in the USA and abroad, all coming to the conclusion that even as standalone ingredients they can boast big benefits to key biological markers.

So, if you don’t buy into Fighters Core to help you burn fat and build muscle, you’d better hope your competition doesn’t either. 

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cGMP Approved

Feel confident in the supplements you’re taking. Fighters Core is made to the highest standards in an FDA Registered and cGMP approved facility.

Easy to Use

Designed to deliver at the highest level for elite athletes. It’s tested for competition use and is completely safe to use as part of any daily routine.

Natural Compounds

Specialist vitamins, minerals and natural botanicals pack an effective punch. We've picked the best ingredients to deliver you the fast and head turning results.

Fast and Free Shipping

Don’t wait around to get started. With fast and free shipping and zero recurring charges, try Fighters Core for yourself today.

The Science
Behind Fighters Core

As someone taking their fat loss journey seriously, you’re rightly cautious about what you put into your body.

Some brands are cagey about their key ingredients, often because they cause side effects that negatively impact your end result.

BUT at Fighters Core, we’re proud to be offering a supplement where all six key ingredients have been tested by renowned organisations all indicating that the compounds can have a direct and positive impact on fat levels. Getting you the results you deserve.

Forskolin Extract

Studied because of it's ability to impact key hormonal messengers. Results found that coleus forskohlii can increase metabolic rate and boost fat burning. With participants benefitting from increased levels of lean muscle and reduced fat.

Caffeine and Teacrine™

Give yourself a powerful shot of clean energy and focus to help you perform at your best, by combining caffeine and Teacrine. This mix of natural stimulants is included to help get your metabolic rate fired up and ready.

Calcium HMB

Calcium HMB is a powerful compound that can help put the brakes on muscle breakdown during fasted training. Allowing you to perform at your best, burn more calories every workout, get leaner and stronger, faster. HMB can promote muscle growth and faster recovery and research has shown it's ability to prevent the breakdown of key proteins.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea provides a hit of fat-fighting catechins, an antioxidant associated with fat breakdown and improved metabolism.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate can directly impact and stop fat storage, boost energy levels and keep your hunger in check. Research has been found to link this trace mineral to large reductions in body fat. Mainly due to the knock on effects it has on your appetite, muscles and energy levels.

Capsimax ™

Capsimax charges into the ring and can aid the release of fat-fighting hormones, which are crucial to your success. Promoting the breakdown of fats before and after training. Research has shown that capsimax can lead to a significant reduction of calories lost each day.

Torch Unwanted Fat to
Reveal Your True Power
and Definition

Fighters Core isn't a gimmicky magic pull, but a product focused on helping athletes cut fat - it’s as simple as that.

Helping you boost your metabolic rate with caffeine and specially selected green tea, whilst ensuring your body is in full fat-burning mode thanks to Coleus Forskholli. Cayenne further adds to Fighters Core as a natural thermogenic powerhouse and appetite suppressant.

Maintain Your Crucial
Muscle and Build

Using a scientifically-backed amount of HMB, Fighters Core is designed to help you retain as much muscle as possible during your fat cutting phase. With the right diet and training, Fighters Core could see you building muscle whilst losing fat. A holy grail process for athletes, called body recomposition.

Don’t Compromise

There are some supplements on the market which, while they work as fat burners, let you down with negative side effects. Leaving you feeling sluggish and unfocused - the last thing you want when training.

Which is why, alongside its muscle-sparing and thermogenic properties, Fighters Core also contains Teacrine and Caffeine. Which, when used together, boost energy levels allowing you to maintain your focus and performance throughout your gym session while giving you a boost for the rest of the day.

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James B.

60 days of Fighters Core has worked wonders alongside my current fitness plan. I'm performing better, feeling leaner and managing to nail fat loss. Just waiting on the compliments now.

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I needed to lose covid fat quickly. i decided on using fighters core after the reviews id seen online. it helped me shed the weight i wanted easier than ever and allowed me to get to where i wanted to be after a bit of a bad year with food etc. thank you fighters core!

Fat loss

Appetite reduction


Cypress, LA

Mav K.

Since the whole situation with Covid happened I put on a few extra pounds so I decided to try fighters core. After taking it for a few weeks I already noticed that I was able to burn some fat, keep energy and maintain my strength levels. i’m usually not a fan of stimulants or anything that has caffeine but with this I didn’t get any of the usual jitters or anxiousness. Overall I would say it’s definitely gonna be helpful for anyone lookin to burn some extra fat they may have accumulated.



Best Fat Burner 2020

We won Best Fat Burner at the Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2020.

They said; Overall, Fighters Core has some powerful, potent and scientifically-backed ingredients to help you achieve your weight loss goals in rapid time. Without losing out on hard won gains.