Fighters Core is extremely simple to use. Take 3 of our premium vegetarian capsules per day. Exact dosing can depend on an individual, however we recommend 1 just before breakfast. 1 mid morning and one mid afternoon. 

A typical schedule will look like this:

  • 1 Capsule 7am
  • [Breakfast at 730am]
  • 1 Capsule 11am
  • [Lunch at 12pm]
  • 1 Capsule 2pm

Fighters Core Fat Loss Multivitamin

Take 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast. Simple. 

Common FAQ's

Will Fighters Core break my fast? 

Technically yes, anything with any calories could break your fast. But it's completely negligible with Fighters Core and shouldn't cause any issues with the effects of your fasting schedule. 

So you can take Fighters Core when you fast. 

Can I take Fighters Core on an empty stomach? 

Yes, remember green tea does contain tannins however. Which can make some people feel slightly nauseous on rare occasions. But this is rare, and there is generally no issues with Fighters Core on an empty stomach. 

Do I take it before or after eating?

We'd recommend taking it before you eat breakfast. The next capsule in the middle of the morning with water, and one a few hours after lunch mid afternoon. 

This ensures you are getting the full effect of Fighters Core around mealtimes and it'll help keep you fuelled and focused through the day. 

Can I take all 3 at once?

Yes, if you believe you will benefit from this. Be cautious of caffeine though! We do recommend you spread the dose for best results. If you take all 3 at once try avoid doing so on an empty stomach. 

Can I take more than 3 capsules per day?

We don't recommend upping the dose. But the ingredients are safe and completely natural, so it is possible to up the dose of Fighters Core without too much risk of side effects. 

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