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What Does it Do?

Fighters Core's is a supplement focused on keeping muscle, as much as losing fat. It's been designed to do two things:

Burn Unwanted Fat,
Faster and Easier

Preserve Muscle, Boosting
Performance and Output

It's this combination that means Fighters Core is a supplement which can take fat loss to new levels when you're on the path to become a lean shredded machine.

Here's how our formula works...

Perfecting a Muscle Sparing and Fat Burning Supplement:

Fat and muscle are intertwined. If you have more muscle, your daily energy expenditure increases. As muscle requires a higher amount of energy to maintain. By protecting and even building muscle, the Fighters Core formula can keep your calorie burn at an elevated level, and may even improve protein synthesis, keeping your body metabolizing stored fat for fuel and muscles growing.

Combined here's how our ingredients can help you cut fat and retain muscle:

  • Mobilize fat burning hormones and use stored fat as fuel
  • Regulate blood sugar levels, reducing stored fat and cutting your appetite
  • Increase metabolic rate and daily energy expenditure
  • Help retain or potentially increase lean muscle through training
  • Promote anabolic hormones and protein synthesis increasing muscle mass

The Ingredients that Make Fighters Core

Our ingredients are from natural sources and our formula assembled in a cGMP approved facility. We don't take chances with your health or your goals.

We've avoided packing this product with high stim and high risk ingredients, and focused instead on optimising your body to use it's stored fat instead on muscle as fuel.

Here's a breakdown of each ingredient, and what it does:

Chromium is one of the more underestimated nutrients for fat loss. This essential trace mineral is known for helping to regulate insulin - the hormone that triggers fat storage in your body.

On top of this, chromium increases energy levels, boosts metabolism and reduces food cravings.

This ingredient has been shown to promote both fat loss and muscle building. It does this by boosting our body's cAMP levels.

cAMP is a signaling compound that activates the enzyme protein kinase, which helps break down body fat.

The muscle growth benefit comes from Coleus Forskohlii's ability to optimize hormonal messengers such as testosterone and thyroid hormones. Our extract is standardized to 10% Forskolin, which is a clinically effective dosage of this anabolic ingredient.


HMB (AKA, Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate) is the best natural compound for muscle preservation while cutting. It works by boosting protein synthesis within your body's mTOR pathway, resulting in improved muscle recovery and growth. In addition, HMB neutralizes muscle-wasting enzymes that your body makes during fasted training.

HMB has also been shown to directly encourage the body to burn stored fat instead of muscle while on a calorie restricted diet.

Green tea is an essential fat burning ingredient and one of the best sources of catechins.

These antioxidants have potent thermogenic effects which boost your metabolism and break down stored fat. Studies have shown that green tea boosts the body's caloric expenditure by up to 35%.

This super-nutrient can also ramp up fat oxidation by as much as 16% over 24 hours.

Some would argue that Theacrine is 'caffeine 2.0'. This is because it works similarly to the world's most commonly used drug: stimulating your CNS, boosting your metabolic rate, and improving focus and mental energy levels.

However, what separates Theacrine from caffeine is that it also reduces pain and muscle swelling, which is helpful for post-training recovery. Theacrine also doesn't affect your blood pressure, and is suggested to lead to less tolerance than caffeine.

Although caffeine can lead to the infamous 'crash' at higher doses, dosing it smartly can result in powerful weight loss benefits. This nutrient has the ability to stimulate your entire Central Nervous System, helping you to push through hard workouts and stay focused on your goals.

Because caffeine boosts your training efficiency, it contributes toward daily weight loss. According to a number of studies, caffeine can directly boost fat oxidation and insulin sensitivity, too.

Cayenne Pepper is one of the best ingredients for triggering the release of fat-burning hormones.

These two hormones have been suggested to promote lipolysis (fat breakdown) before and after exercise, along with stimulating beta-andrenergic receptors that promote increased calorie burning.

Interestingly, Cayenne Pepper achieves these effects without stimulants or unhealthy side effects. Our Capsimax chili pepper extract is formulated in a way that eliminates the 'burning' side effect caused by hot peppers.

The active compound of Black Pepper is piperine.

Piperine promotes weight loss in two ways: by boosting thermogenesis, and by inhibiting adipogenesis, aka, the creation of new fat cells.

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