Getting cut in 30 days might seem impossible. But it can be done. In fact, it's not entirely impossible to cut back unwanted fat in 30 days whilst preserving and even building strength. It comes down to diet, exercise programming and supplementation. Our 30 day cut will take a look at the best approach to get you shredded in a short time frame. 

Below we will take a nutrition and workouts to help get you cut in 30 days. Whether your wanting to shred excess fat and lean out for a holiday, or if you're a pro competitor. Following this advice can help get you shredded. 

The goals of this 30 day cut are:

  • Increase or maintain lean muscle mass
  • Reduce amount of body fat

A word on supplementation

We're not going to spin you BS on the fact you need our product to achieve this, but we are going to tell you that Fighters Core has been meticulously designed for this exact purpose. To get you cut as fast as possible, with one major edge - muscle preservation. To read more about body recomposition supplements you can check here. Or look at our body recomposition guide post here. 

When used in conjunction with a high protein diet, Fighters Core can make a 30 day cut even easier. Offering relief whilst you're in a major calorie deficit and protecting muscle mass. Crucial if you want to retain a strong and lean look after you've cut back on weight. 

Whilst we'd say Fighters Core is a great way to ensure success in your 30 day cut, there's a couple of other supplements we'd recommend.

Fighters core for a 30 day cut

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Supplements for a 30 day cut: 

  • Protein - In order to maximise protein synthesis and repair damaged muscle after calorie burning workouts, a high amount of protein is essential. This will provide a lot of fuel for you during this 30 day period.
  • Fighters Core - Using HMB, Teacrine, Caffeine, Forksholli and Chromium, Fighters Core takes highly effective fat burning ingredients and combines them with natural muscle sparing compounds. It'll make you feel more comfortable every day, and maximise performance. All whilst burning stored fat.
  • Creatine - Maximise potential strength with creatine and perform at your best.

30 Day Cut Workout Guidelines 


You're here because you want to get cut in a month, and so we're presuming you're not one to completely shy away from an intense workout. When it comes to achieving that lean and powerful aesthetic after a 30 period you need to train smart, as well as put in some serious effort. 

A great way to capitalise on calorie burn, cardio can be performed a couple of times a week and will ensure you are kept in a deficit. Cardio can result in a loss of muscle mass, so you need to balance the amount of cardio you do with the weight training you do. 
Try and get cardio done in the mornings, and remember to refuel after.
Performing more steady state cardio, like long walks to work or just moving can also ensure you get cut faster over a 30 day period. 
In the weight room you want to be hitting heavy lifts and running full body workouts. Why? Heavy lifts will require you to use more effort. This will help you maintain as much strength as possible, and whilst it won't have the high calorie burn effects of higher rep ranges, it can help you stay strong. Plus it's just good fun.
Mixing up heavier weight sessions (3 per week) with some early morning steady state or light cardio can yield some great results. 


Getting in one or two HIIT sessions per week during a 30 day cut can help maximise your calorie burn. Remember though, to keep this sessions short. If you're going to be running a few heavier weight sessions through the week you don't want to be depleting energy too much. 

30 Day Cut Nutrition Guidelines 

30 day cut diet

Choose Sugars Wisely

Overall, you need to ditch the sugar here. Chocolate, sweets and other artrificial sugars have to go to get you the results you want. 

When choosing foods, it's important to consider the glycemic index of foods too. If you eat foods that are high in the glycemic index and don't have enough of a calorie deficit, you'll store fat. 

You do need sugars though, so opt for low GI foods in your diet such as:

  • Brown Basmati Rice
  • Chickpeas
  • Lentils
  • Most Fruits
  • Plain Nuts

Good and Bad Fats

Nearly all athletes that have to cut weight know about the difference between good fats and bad fats. Generally fats do not provide an efficient source of energy, so during a 30 day cut, you need to be cutting down to about 20% of all calories consumed from fat. 

Try and consume good fats, like avocados, oils and fish. As this all comes with a high amount of protein. 

Drinking Calories 

We'd recommend sticking to water, black coffee or green tea throughout your 30 day cut. This will provide you with more energy and some other benefits like antioxidants from the green tea. 

Remember, drinks like soda etc are packed with sugar and calories so need to go! Water and coffee can be great way to make you feel less hungry during those hard moments too. 

Calories for a 30 Day Cut

Guideline calories for a 30 day cut would roughly work out best at 30/50% carbs, 30/40% protein and 20% from good fats. 

It's important that you figure out your own calorie deficit here. Which can be done with calculators online. 

Men need roughly 2500 calories a day for maintenance, without counting any exercise. So in order to drop in a 30 day period and lose weight healthily you want to be dropping to about 70% of calories, whilst accounting for workouts. 

Dropping below 70% can be effective, but can also have negative effects, like making cutting a short period too difficult. 

Aim to try and shed 2llbs per week. Remember, you can up the amount of workouts you do to further drop the weight. 

Fighters Core for a 30 Day Cut

Getting Cut in 30 days is made a lot easier with Fighters Core. 

Fighters Core provides clean energy and focus for workouts, maximises muscle mass and also helps suppress appetite and crucially boost up metabolic rate and target stored fat for fuel. 

See our Fighters Core 30 day cut supplement here.

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