Forskolin and Muscle Gain

Forskolin and Muscle Gain

  • By - PFX Labs
  • 07 October, 2020

There are many reasons for individuals, especial men to join the gym but one that stands out is the reason to build muscle. Do Forskolin & Muscle Gain go together? 

However, building muscle is more about going to the gym, if it was as easy as that then everyone would have t-shirt busting lean muscle mass. 

Of course, hitting the gym and progressively lifting weights is one element of the process. But if you're looking to pack on lean muscle efficiently then you need a plan of action. A plan that includes a structured workout regime and goal orientated tactics.

These tactics very much rely on the food you eat, the quality of nutrients and the supplementation you take to support this intake.

One herbal supplement that is gathering traction towards supporting muscle building goals is Forskolin. 

Herbal Sup

Herbal supplements have long been used to support the health and wellbeing of individuals across the fitness industry.

Forskolin is no different, this mint family bi-product is a popular supplement and is obtained from the dried root of an Indian plant known as Plectranthus barbatus or Coleus forskohlii (1)

Underpinning forskolin is its ability to activate adenylate cyclase, which produces cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). But why does this matter, well cAMP activates several proteins, including protein kinase A, exchange protein activated by cAMP (Epac), and AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPKA). Through these proteins, cAMP determines the reaction of the cells to hormones and maintains energy balance (2).

In layman's terms that means this root creates enzymes called lipase and adenylate cyclase. These two enzymes deliberately cause a biochemical reaction and releases fatty acids from the body's cells which enables the fatty acids to be burned as energy.

And, with all this in mind when the body burns fatty acids, it can strip body fat and boost lean muscle mass.

Here comes the science...

A 2001 study (3) discovered when Coleus forskohlii (forskolin) extract was used on incubated leydig cells, as a comparison for lactate, the cells yield 3 times more testosterone. Which to the health and fitness industry and to those looking to build muscle mass these finding suggest by consuming forskolin prior to workouts could help support increased muscle contractions and improved exercise performance.

Furthermore, a second study involving 30 overweight and obese men; 15 of them taking 250 mg of Forleans twice a day, a product containing 10 coleus forskohlii, and the other 15 taking placebos.

The results of this study concluded that body fat percentage decreased significantly for the group of men taking coleus forskohlii. In addition, they found that there was also an increase of bone mass and lean muscle mass. Even though the participants of the study were not involved in any type of physical exercise they still found a significant improvement in levels of serum-free testosterone. Testosterone being required to increase the ability to build muscle. 

The link between forskolin and muscle-gain built traction from here, as the studies above suggest forskolin extract can in fact aid in muscle building, but only when used in combination with other dietary considerations and a sufficient exercise structure.

As with any health and wellbeing goal a consideration of your nutrient intake and exercise routine is always required. However, forskolin can certainly support these goals, especially if you intend to gain muscle.

By taking forskolin increases cAMP levels that triggers an enzyme in the body that helps burn body fat, or triglycerides together with increasing lean muscle mass. But, to explain further its the reaction of the enzyme that is burning fat off the muscle fibers specifically is what supports users build leaner muscle.

These studies together with supporting findings underpin the idea that forskolin’s testosterone-inducing capabilities provides a very strong platform for users with an appropriate diet plan and gym regime to increase muscle mass.


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