Tips to Build Muscle in 30 Days

Tips to Build Muscle in 30 Days

  • By - PFX Labs
  • 02 November, 2020

Ok, whether you’re looking to ‘cut’ for Christmas, get buff for summer or improve your overall health and wellbeing then 30 days could be all you need.

Yes, we are building muscle in 30 days and that’s all it takes to make a noticeable change in your physique. With lots going on in our lives 30 days is a great way to set short-term goals that are manageable and achievable.  

Four weeks of grit and determination can be enough to change your body, for the better. So much can be accomplished in that time, especially when it comes to training, nutrition and pushing your muscles to new levels.

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Reduce Rest

If you’re serious about building muscle in 30 days then reducing rest is key, during your workout. Working harder and resting for shorter periods of time will soon start adding volume to your training.

A great way to do this is rest less during your sets, and add more sets to each exercise. This way your training volume total will shoot up and force more blood into the muscles, stretching the fascia to make room for new muscle growth. That is what we are looking for, more volume, less rest and the opportunity for bigger and stronger muscles to grow.

Tinker With Your Tempo

When we think of reps we do not want to be getting the weight up and down as quick as possible and finish the set in seconds.

In fact, if we are looking to build muscle in 30 days we need to do the exact opposite. By tinkering with your tempo, you can start to adjust the pace of each rep. When doing this we can achieve hypertrophy, muscle growth, a lot quicker through increasing the total time the muscle is under tension during a rep. 

So if we are looking for four-week results then we need to increase the rep range and slow down the time is takes to do a rep. Slow and steady reps with good form will increase type I muscle fiber size, allowing you to deliberately focus on and feel your muscles working and contracting.

Finish With Form

So lets stick with the theme of increasing the volume of your workouts. Over the next 30 days you can further increase the intensity of your workout sessions by adding a ‘finisher’.

A finisher is an exercise to end your workout with high reps and good form. A well-crafted finisher can be very punishing after a gruelling session, but this is where your muscle gains are made, they will make you stronger and more adaptable.

Your finisher should include a rep range of around 25 reps or more to cause your muscles maximum damage and disruption, thus maximum repair and growth between workouts.

Food Glorious Food

Your pre and post workout food will have to be on point for four weeks. C’mon it’s only four weeks and your body and your Instagram selfies will thank you for it!

Building muscle starts and ends in the kitchen, not the gym. When paying close attention to your pre and post exercise nutrition, you can dramatically influence the growth response of your muscles over the 30 days.

By introducing a good amount of clean carbs, protein and small amounts of healthy fat an hour before training and within an hour after training you can truly supplement muscle growth. If you’re increasing your training volume and reducing your rest in the gym the last thing you want is to waste your hard earned time on poor nutrition. 

Being efficiently fuelled before and after your workout will ensure your 30-day muscle-building target will easily be in reach.

Sleep Big, Get Big

All of this serious work in the gym and clean work in the kitchen needs to be underpinned with good, high quality sleep.

Sleep will back up your hard work by being the essential part of your recovery and repair process. This is the number one time where your body is efficient at growing muscle and repairing itself. It does this by releasing a growth hormone in high doses during your sleep, so over this 30-day period try to improve the amount you sleep and the length of time you stay asleep.

Restful sleep gives your body the best opportunity to maximise muscle growth and recovery.

Don’t Pound The Pavements

Our goal is to build muscle over 30 days so we want to keep cardio to a minimum. Large amounts of cardio during these 4-weeks will be counterproductive to muscle gain, so don’t go pounding the pavements like something out of a ‘Rocky’ movie.

In terms of muscle mass, you will see better results without cardio encroaching on the total amount of muscle you are able to build. Again, going back to our increased volume in the gym, with reduced rest and better sleep the workouts in themselves will provide you with sufficient amounts of cardio to maintain overall health and wellbeing.

Keep your diet on point, and pour your energy and effort into strength, muscle building workouts and you will achieve your goals in 30 days, ready to set new ones!

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