Burn Fat Build Muscle Supplements - FC, Protein and Pre's

Burn Fat Build Muscle Supplements - FC, Protein and Pre's

  • By - PFX Labs
  • 11 November, 2020

Burn fat build muscle supplement

To burn fat and build muscle you need to take advantage of a process called body recomposition. We have designed our supplement, Fighters Core to be a game changing product that allows for muscle growth and muscle tissue retention, during periods of weight loss.

Fighters Core uses an advanced natural formulation that supports key hormones, metabolic processes and physique development.

You can see Fighters Core here.

Below we will talk through some key supplements that can really help you create lean mass and increase strength and performance. Remember, a lot of this process comes down to your diet and nutrition too. That said, we do have some guides which can help you get a handle on these aspects, and work well with Fighters Core.

#1 Fighters Core (Obviously!)

Fighters Core has been formulated using on natural ingredients that have been subject to rigorous and widespread testing, both in the lab and with other leading fat burner products on the market. The cumulation of this research is the Fighters Core supplement, which allows you to optimize muscle growth and fat loss.

How it Works

Fighters Core works to stimulate your metabolism, burning extra energy through thermogenesis. As well as this it works to preserve muscle cells by getting your body to target fat stores as energy. The breakdown of these fatty acids, contributes to a lean weight cut.

Alongside these fat burner properties, Fighters Core can contribute to muscle recovery and muscle growth. The formula essential helps your body retain muscle tissue, even in a calorie restricted diet. Research has indicated that HMB alone can achieve this. But for good measure Fighters Core also contains coleus forskholii and chromium.

#2 Protein

While protein can come from the diet, a protein supplement can really make a big difference when it comes to forming muscle and reducing muscle soreness after exercise. This is because protein contributes to the repair and rebuilding of new muscle tissue.

If you're on a calorie restricted diet (under your daily maintenance of calories) protein needs to make up a large part of your diet to ensure your muscle is getting the fuel it needs to

#3 Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

Branched Chain Amino Acids or just amino acid supplements are a great way to ensure you are giving your muscles everything they need for recovery from training and aiding the development of healthy muscle tissue.

An example of amino acid would be creatine. However BCAA's are supplements which generally contain

#4 Pre Workout

A pre workout can give you a natural boost, especially if you are looking at doing weight training, which is great to ensure muscle retention whilst in a calorie deficit.

Keep an eye on the label though, try keep your pre workout natural and see if you can get something that has amino acids in, to help ensure muscle recovery. Creatine can also be a good addition to a pre workout, however lots of supplements don't contain it due to the need for it to be loaded for a period before you feel the benefit.

#5 Post Workout

A post workout will generally be a full hit of BCAA's and protein. It can help get fuel to where it needs to be, muscle cells, and energy systems, reducing fatigue and in the long run helping muscle mass.

A post workout has lots of similarities to a whey protein shake or other form of protein shake, so generally you don't need so much muscle protein.

Fighters Core - A Supplement Designed to Build Lean Muscle and Reduce Body Fat

Cutting back unwanted fat and building up muscle tissue is the best way to get a lean and powerful aesthetic. The process of achieving this look can be fairly tricky, but luckily safe build muscle and fat loss supplements exist. (Yes we are one!) 

To understand which supplements are best to cut fat and retain or grow you need to understand the best way to achieve a process called body recomposition. 

Bodyrecomposition in a nutshell - using nutrition and exercise to achieve fat loss and muscle gain at the same time. 

Supplements can promote body recomposition by maximising protein synthesis, breaking down fatty tissue for energy and helping reduce fat being stored. This is exactly what we designed Fighters Core for. 

If safety is a concern, Fighters Core only uses natural compounds to achieve a leaner and stronger body composition. Making it side effect and danger free. 

We'll stop selling now, and take a look at how to spot the best and safest supplements to reduce and build muscle.

Simple Steps to Burn Fat and Increase Muscle Mass

Let's take a look at how you can lose fat and build muscle with the correct supplement. If you're wanting to speed up the process and really get cut in as little as 30 days, then you need to be following some basic rules when it comes to nutrition and energy expenditure. 

Achieving a health and fitness goal takes time, persistence and hard work. However, even with these three in place it can be very difficult to manage nutrition and a well-balanced lifestyle together with work, Uni or family and friends.

Therefore, to help support this element of your fat loss and muscle gain targets we often turn to supplements. The right use of supplements can prevent us feeling drained and certainly optimise gains by using fat burners.

A safe supplement to lose fat and gain muscle is, Fighters Core. This fat burner is a leading muscle gain fat loss supplement.

Setting a Goal

Transforming your body does require patience and dedication, a clear goal must be established and the drive to achieve needs to come from deep within. But, losing fat and gaining muscle is still up there with the top fitness goals across every gym.

You don’t have to go far to find advice and guidance on getting in shape and having a t-shirt busting torso. However, burning fat and building muscle is all about using the energy balance equation to your advantage. There are a number of factors that influence our goals, such as exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. Therefore, changing any of these components helps us get a step closer to our chosen targets.

Fighters core isn’t your one and only approach to losing fat and gaining muscle. This supplement does exactly what it says on the tin, it supplements your approach to your fitness goals. With this in mind it isn’t a replacement for all other aspects of your life, such as exercise and nutrition, this fat burner supports you to reach your body goals faster and more efficiently.

Boost Yourself with Fighters Core

Fighters core is designed to improve your focus, concentration and spark off a burst of energy ready for exercise. This mood lifter helps to keep you on track with your fitness goals and guides you to push through those tough times running the streets outside or lifting weights indoors.

Following a workout intensely is difficult, especially with other lifestyle factors getting in the way. However, this fat burner can increase your basal metabolic rate. That means our resting metabolic rate is higher which allows our body to expend more calories and fat, even when both resting and exercising.

Furthermore, when using this supplement to aid our well-balanced nutrition it can help us to control food cravings. We all know that sweet treats and snacks can ruin our muscle gains and weight loss. Although this fat burner can help to reduce cravings and support you to stay in control of the diet you need to pack on size and cut in at the waist.

It’s also difficult to get all the essential vitamins and minerals through nutrition and diet alone. This supplement then helps you to maximise this intake. Fighters Core is crammed with the correct b vitamins and key metabolic minerals that allows your body to efficiently absorb both macro and micronutrients.

Supplement Summary

Remember these supplements can help speed up this cutting fat and creating muscle process:

  • Protein Powder / Whey Protein
  • Pre Workout
  • Fighters Core
  • Post workout

Fighters core is a go-to aid for all aspects of gaining guns and losing the love handles. It boasts a solid formula that spares your muscle mass whilst burning fat. Together with an effective training routine that includes at least three workouts a week this supplement will guide you to your goals.

When working out and eating well this supplement uses a blend of energy and focus enhancers, fat loss and muscle growth aids to get you to where you need to be.

The supplement is veggie-friendly and loaded with natural ingredients making it unlikely that you will experience negative side effects. Fighters Core has powerful and potent ingredients which are back by science making your journey to weight loss and muscle gain a much more effective and efficient experience.

Coupled with a protein shake and the correct nutrition, Fighters Core can deliver the perfect support to muscle cells, ensure you don't sacrifice muscle strength whilst running a weight loss regimen and running weight training.

Best Ingredients to Lose Fat & Gain Muscle

The ideal scenario when we are setting health and wellbeing goals for ourselves is to lose fat and gain muscle.

When we think of our fitness idols, they are lean, well built and strong. Those large shoulders and big back that taper in at the waist is the look most men strive to achieve.

So, what are the best ingredients to lose fat and gain muscle? If we are looking to transform our body, feel energised and healthy then there are certain foods we must consider.

Nutrition can be confusing and there a lot of foods that can work against us, but we are looking to consume foods that work for us, support us to lose fat and trigger muscle growth increasing muscle strength, or at very least retaining it. Consider taking supplements daily, and ensure you workout correctly.

Good Nutrition

The underpinning element to eating these fat busting, muscle gaining ingredients is to stay constant to a specific exercise regime.

Throughout your training regime the inclusion of full fat diary is required to ensure you hit these fat loss, but muscle building targets. For example, Greek yoghurt contains conjugated linoleic acid, known to get rid of fat and promote weight loss. However, to supplement your goals Greek yoghurt also has slow-digesting dairy proteins that most certainly contribute to muscle gain. In this respect, cottage cheese is another protein-filled snack that with the same properties that should be included into your diet.


Furthermore, fresh eggs will help to supress hunger, great for reducing snacking and promoting fat loss. Protein in eggs can increase your metabolic weight for several hours after you eat them, keeping you burning fat as you rest. Another reason why eggs are great for fat loss and muscle gain is because this super-nutritional food increases muscle gain due to its high protein properties. Get them in your basket!

Remember Eat Protein!!!

To nail your muscle building and fat losing goals you must aim to eat protein every day. Protein is key to achieving both of these factors; we must include protein in every meal to have an increased thermic effect as protein-rich foods help us to increase our metabolism and force your body to use more energy to digest them.

Lean Meats

Including meats like lean chicken and beef every day will suffice. However, these meats also contain vitamins, like B6 which is known to give you the stamina you need during exercise. Lean beef, turkey, and chicken are essentials as these proteins boost the body without a heavy calorie load, and that’s why they are so beneficial.

Lastly, a great ingredient for muscle gain and fat loss is fish. This super-food from our oceans is bursting with mega-3 fatty acids that has anti-inflammatory properties as well as allowing your body the opportunity to reduce the production of cortisol, the stress hormone that can lead to increased fat storage. In which case, fish is then perfect for both our heart, our waist and muscular health.

Muscle Gain and Body Fat Reduction FAQ's

Do fat burner supplements actually work?

We get this question a lot, and in order for these supplements to work they need to contain the best ingredients and ones that have natural ingredients backed by relevant research. Finding the best can be hard, as there's so many of these supplements out there, but do your research and look for something where you can see exactly what's in the formula and that comes from a reputable looking website.

What supplements should I take to lose weight and gain muscle?

Protein is absolutely essential for this process, but this can be gotten from a diet or supplement. General protein (whey protein or otherwise) will fuel your muscles and help you to increase muscle mass, whilst essentially limiting the amount of fat you add to your physique. Our supplement can protect muscle mass and even contribute to muscle gain due to it's anabolic properties.

Is it better to burn fat first then focus on muscle mass next?

No, generally you'll have an easier time building muscle due to the fact you can be in a calorie surplus. However, through balanced nutrition and training it's possible to achieve muscle growth and reduce fat at the same time. This is a process called body recomposition and requires correct supplementation, nutrition and training to achieve. Muscle mass will grow with extra protein, generally in the form of protein powder. Which can also help make a calorie deficit easier.

What is the best supplement for losing belly fat?

No product will target just belly fat. It's not possible, you need to focus on being in a calorie deficit here and generally reducing all fat mass. This can be done with the correct supplement and training and nutrition plan.

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